Front Panels



Oscillosaurus alternative front panels for Mutable Instruments and MXMXMX eurorack modules are made from FR4 PCB material with ENIG Gold and white silkscreen artwork. Front Panels are available from our retail partners.

Mutable Instruments

This range of panels are suitable for replacing original MI panels or for use by people brave enough to build Mutable Instruments modules themselves. The high quality gloss black panels feature geometric shapes and patterns that illustrate the modules name or function.


Max Stadler along with the development team of Tim Churches and Patrick Dowling created the now famous Ornament & Crime module. When this journey was just beginning, I consulted with Tim Churches to design a panel that honoured the concept of Ornament & Crime and provided an affordable option for people wishing to build the module. Oscillosaurus now also offers panels for TempsUtile and Terminal Tedium.